Dog Training Programs

Training Programs

Training Programs

All training is conducted using positive reinforcement techniques. We stress that upon completion of either the two-week course, or the private hourly sessions, the owner should remain consistent with proper training techniques.

Hourly Private Lessons

Both you and your dog will have a private lesson with trainer where we will work on whatever issues you feel are most urgent. Hourly private lessons can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time at our location.

Two-Week Program

Dogs attending the two-week training program will be taught all the basic obedience commands including sit, stay, come, heel, down and automatic sit. Any behavioral problems will be discussed with owner and addressed during training, i.e. mouthing, jumping, etc. During their stay, your dog will also spend time developing his/her socialization skills. He/she will be exposed to various environments and distractions. When the training program is complete, the owner is required to attend a final session with their dog and the trainer. Training techniques will be explained and the owner will be shown how to handle their dog.

The two-week program can not be scheduled during major holidays or summer. During these periods, we are completely full, and the trainer feels he may not be able to devote the necessary time to training.