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Dove & Midnight came to us from the Orange County Shelter. Dove is a female lab mix with a golden color; Midnight is a tall slender male black lab. They were brought to the shelter together, and are thought to come from the same home – a home obviously lacking of love.

They are both extremely shy and fearful of new situations. The first two weeks they were with us, we would actually have to carry them outside, they would do their business and then retreat to a corner of the paddock where they would “hide” together. While still shy, they now go outside by themselves, and romp around with other dogs. They both trust us a great deal more than when they arrived, but are still nervous of quick movements and loud noises. Despite their obvious fear, they have never come close to biting or growling at any of us, or at any other dog. They are house-trained and very sweet.

Their adoptive parents would have to be patient while they get comfortable with their new surroundings, but would be rewarded with a thankful furry friend with a sweet disposition. Dove and Midnight have been with us since May 2009, and together for longer. At this point, we can not in good conscious separate them. They will always have a home here with us, but if someone is interested in adopting, they only come as a pair.

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