Country Club Kennels & Training

A one-of-a-kind boarding and training facility
with locations in Orange County and Fauquier County

Country Club Kennels


You no longer have to feel guilty, or worry about your dog when you go on vacation. Now your loved one can go on their own vacation at Country Club Kennels & Training! We offer a unique alternative to standard boarding kennels. All dogs enjoy a minimum of six daily outings in large wooded and grassy paddocks; social dogs can join playgroups. Our number of guests is limited so that each of our special friends can enjoy personalized and attentive care. We do not claim to be the cheapest option to board your dog.  We do claim to provide the most for the price.  Few kennels have a natural outdoor space for their boarders to run free in; and if they do, there will likely be an additional charge for those outings. They may call it “playtime”, “exercise”, “business walk” or “potty break”; add those additional charges to get a true comparison.  We provide at least 6 daily outings in large outdoor paddocks INCLUDED in the base rate.  Most medications are also administered at no charge.