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Country Club Kennels

9394 Pine Glade Lane, Locust Grove, VA 22508

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

You are more than welcome to, but it is not necessary. Most customers pay upon pick-up. We accept VISA and Mastercard.
If your dog is staying in an Individual Run, then yes. If he/she is staying in a Bedroom Suite, then no. While all dogs in the Bedroom Suites are social, we prefer not to introduce any “temptations”.
We consider any stay over 2 weeks to be long-term, and will reduce the daily rate by $5.00. Multiple dogs staying in the same Run receive a discount. We offer 10% off for cash payment.
All dogs get to go outside in our large fenced paddocks at least six times per day. The early morning outing is just a “quickie” to give all dogs the opportunity to do their business. All other outings are roughly 15 minutes long. If it is hot and your dog wants to come in, we will, of course, let him/her in early. If your dog is older, or maybe a couch potato, we won’t make them go out all six times if they prefer not to.
Admittedly, we are not the most convenient location. However, if we were in town like some other kennels, we would not have nearly as much land as we do. We know the dogs love the large paddocks with both grassy and tree/shaded areas, as well as the natural setting. From the Fredericksburg I-95/Route 3 exit, we are 22 miles west, or about 30 minutes. Culpeper is also about 30 minutes further west, Charlottesville about 45 minutes to the southwest.
Space is limited, we suggest you make your pets reservation as soon as possible, particularly for summer and holiday bookings. In the event that we do not have the availability, we will be happy to put you on our wait list and notify you of any cancellations.
Infectious Tracheobronchitis (better known as “Kennel Cough“) is an infection of the “windpipe” or trachea and bronchial tubes. While the most common bacterium causing kennel cough is Bordetella bronchiseptica, several viruses and bacteria can cause the disease. The most common symptoms of kennel cough are a persistent cough, decreased appetite and depressed behavior. The best way to prevent infection is vaccination. Veterinarians recommend vaccination against Kennel Cough for dogs that visit groomers, dog parks, day care facilities or boarding facilities. Bordatella vaccines is required for all dogs boarding at Country Club Kennels & Training. As prevention is key, all pets must receive their initial vaccines for these diseases at least 3 to 5 days prior to admittance. While these vaccines significantly reduce instance of infection, they do not eliminate it completely. The “kennel cough” vaccine is approximately 85% effective. Like the human flu shot, the vaccine greatly reduce the severity of symptoms and duration of illness in pets that do become infected. Just as with children in a daycare setting, close proximity to other potential carriers can increase the risk of infection to your dog. Rest assured that our staff will take every possible precaution to prevent your pet from contracting any illness while in our care, but difficulty in prevention can arise since some pets carrying disease or harboring bacteria may not show any signs of illness whatsoever.
Yes, our staff will administer medications and supplements as prescribed. There are no additional charges for administering medications. If you dog uses pill pockets, cheese, peanut butter, etc. to take their medication, please provide.
As part of our check-in process, we will ask for phone numbers and an e-mail address so that we may contact you in the event of an urgent medical situation. In order for your pet to board with us, we must be able to contact you. If you will be unable to be reached during your pets stay, we will ask for the name and contact information of someone, designated by you, to make all medical decisions regarding your pet’s care. Regular veterinary service fees will apply, and you will be asked to sign an agreement to this policy at check-in. We will use all available resources to ensure your pet’s safety, security and health while you are away, and always do our very best to inform you of any changes in your pet’s condition.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate pets in this situation. Some pets do not adjust well to a boarding facility environment. Some dogs will be stressed, while other dogs will have the time of their life. On occasion, some dogs will become aggressive to the staff or other animals in the facility. For the safety of all boarding pets and our staff, pets with any history of aggression will not be permitted to board.
Yes! Our kennels are large enough to accommodate multiple dogs comfortably.