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Our kennel runs are extra large and are climate controlled with heat and air conditioning.

Our guests are given exercise/playtime 6 to 7 times a day in large, grass and wooded exercise paddocks.

Social dogs are turned out to play in supervised play groups with owner’s permission and at the kennel’s discretion.

There are NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES for any of these outings as compared to other facilities.

Medications are also administered at no charge. Please provide written instructions for the administration of all medications.

Bedroom suites are available for social dogs, and those with special needs.

Accommodations include couches, bedding and 24 hour music.

All dogs are handled by loving, attentive, qualified staff.

Due to the necessity of handling dogs during their several outings, we are unable to accommodate overly aggressive dogs.

Our facility is kept immaculate and is disinfected daily.

Effective January 1, 2020, an additional 3% will be charged on invoices paid by credit card or debit cards.


Reservations are necessary and space is limited. We recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Calls will be taken from 8:30am – 6:30pm, Monday through Saturday.

Please complete and submit the Guest Profile Sheet.

Proof of Current Vaccinations

  • All dogs require proof of Rabies, Distemper and Bordetellla vaccinations.
  • Country Club Kennels prefers that your dog have his/her bordatella vaccination every six months, and at least two weeks prior to arrival. We realize some vets only give the vaccine annually, and will defer to your vet.
  • Please e-mail or fax your pet’s shot record prior to dropping of your pet.

Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups

  • Morning Hours: Monday–Saturday, 8:30am–11:30am
  • Evening Hours: Monday–Sunday, 4:00pm–6:30pm

There will be an additional day’s charge for Drop-Offs / Pick-Ups scheduled outside of normal hours.

If you are running late, it is advised that you phone ahead to ensure someone is available to discharge your pet.


Upon arrival, your pet will be checked for fleas and general overall health.

If fleas are found, your pet will be given a mandatory pre-boarding flea bath at the owner’s expense.  Please do not bring your dog with fleas!

Bathing and nail clipping are also available at the owners request.

What to Bring

  • Your pet’s food, your contact phone number and any medication currently being taken by your pet.
  • We ask that your dog wear a collar during their stay (No choke collars please).
  • You are welcome to bring special treats and labeled personalized belongings. However, we cannot guarantee that all personal belongings are returned in the condition they arrive in.
  • We provide bedding. If you choose to bring your pet’s personal bed, please do not bring anything large or bulky, as they are difficult to wash.

Boarding Rates

Charges begin the day your pet arrives. There are no charges for the departure day if your pet is picked up during our a.m. hours. Daily Rate includes a minimum of 6 outings per day in large paddocks. Administration of medications is also included in daily rate.

Due to the limited number of guest we can accommodate, a credit card is required to hold your reservation during holidays and summer. No charge will be made unless we do not receive a two-week cancellation notice, at which time we will charge half the total of the original reservation.

Ask about discounts for long term stays. Discounts will depend upon length of stay, time of year and availability.

One Dog

  • 1 Dog

Two Dogs

  • 2 in same run

Three Dogs

  • 3 in same run

Additional Services


Pond Trip

$15per trip

Nature Walk

$10per trip

Day Care




  • small breeds


  • md. and lg. breeds


  • thick or long hair

Nail Clip